Tokenization in the
world of sports

Blockchain technology has been a technological breakthrough that has impacted all levels of society and the economy. The perpetual distributed digital record of transactions has helped to evolve all economic sectors (industry, energy, tourism, real estate, insurance, finance, legal, health, etc.).

Asset tokenization has also reached the world of sports, as an innovative tool that opens up a world of possibilities, loyalty models, digital communities and new revenue streams for sports institutions, athletes and fans at all levels.

The traceability, transparency and immutability of the technology offers security and minimizes the risks of fraud associated with ticketing, which are kept in the buyer's wallet, preventing illegal sales and fraudulent tickets, as well as serving as a collectible souvenir.

Fans tokens are becoming a great opportunity for the sports industry at two levels: the loyalty of its followers, providing them with a series of exclusive benefits (discounts, ownership of a voting right on specific club issues, experiences, merchandising, etc.), and on the other hand, one more way for economic growth.

Digital Twin,
Fractional NFT

The digital twin is the digital representation of a real-world physical product.

The world of sports is experiencing exponential growth supported by today's technology. The ability to digitize an asset, such as a sports medal, a trophy or a soccer stadium, or even a physical person or athlete, opens a range of possibilities to generate new ways of economic growth and financing through its assets, in addition to generating and enhancing the relationship with fans.

An example of a unique NFT is the digital twin of the physical medals that athletes receive in competition, as happens in both, the European Games and the Olympic Games, or the digital cards of the international paddle circuit players, or the collection of digital padel rackets of a padel brand. 

The fractional NFT (F-NFT), is an NFT divided into smaller parts, and allows more than one participant to have partial ownership of it. An example of F-NFT is the trophy won by a team or the digital twin of its stadium, meaning fans can own a fraction of a valuable sports collectible.

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Permissioned Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric-based Platform, strong Hyperledger open source and vendor community inside Linux Foundation. Programmable, scalable and modular. Where network governance and identity management are flexible.


Public BC

Blockchain platform provides built in atomic transaction interoperability with Ethereum/EVM based platforms. Generic integrations and asset exchanges across multiple DLTs supported with other CBDC Platforms.


DIgital Assets Property

Our clients are the owners of the digital assets on the platform, where there is a specific dedicated server for their management and custody, so that they can manage or migrate their assets in the future.


Web App
& Marketplace

Web App provides access to athletes, institutions and sponsors where they can view their specific NFTs and download a copy of them. Dedicated marketplace for the purchase of exclusive NFTs for fans.

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