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Mobile devices are a source of information and can be located and traced, regardless of whether they are connected to a WiFi network or not. Our advanced location analytics platform provides the data intelligence to help organizations make strategic and day-to-day decisions.



The data provided by our platform, from users' devices not connected to a WiFi social network, comply with the requirements of anonymous processing of the European GDPR regulation. It is a priority for the platform to preserve the privacy of users.



The data provided in real time by users' mobile devices is processed in our platform and allows organizations to perform advanced location analysis, without the need for the user to download an application.



Data provided by the devices allows the platform to make the necessary filters to segment customers by time and geographic presence and, should users connect to the social WiFi, based on this voluntary data.


Customer Journey

The data provided in real time by the platform allows advanced analysis of the user's location and traceability within the scope of the deployed platform infrastructure, building their customer journey and detecting behavioral patterns.


SaaS Platform

The licensing model of the platform is carried ou by subscription as "Software as a Service". The platform is a web application hosted in the cloud and the information is owned by the client.

Presence, behavior
and dynamization

The presence data provided by the platform in real time relating to the location and traceability of anonymous users, together with the data provided voluntarily by those connected to the social WiFi, allow platform managers to make decisions and carry out ad-hoc marketing campaigns through the platform at any time, in order to dynamise the monitored spaces.
This information, together with the platform's historical data, provides the necessary intelligence for the detection of behavioural patterns, a valuable tool for decision-making and the achievement of objectives.

Analytics, Efficiency
and Location

Public spaces used by citizens, whether they are open spaces such as open-air shops, Parks and streets  or closed spaces such as schools, public libraries, hospitals and residences, are a very important source of information for companies and public institutions.
The public space has a cultural and social dimension of relationship between citizens, of both commercial and tourist use. It is there where the data regarding location, movement, transit, frequency and time ratios provided by our platform allows for appropriate decision making based on behavioural patterns and flows of people.
Moreover, in a society increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact of climate change, sustainability has become a major focus for all areas of society. The intelligence provided by the platform helps in decision-making to rationalise and make the resources allocated to these spaces more efficient at all times.

Control, Prevention
and Security

Public spaces are key for every person to grow as a citizen and for the participation of different groups in society (age, gender, cultural, ethnic, etc.), where greater social cohesion is encouraged and universal values such as human rights, solidarity and freedom are promoted.
Security precautions are primarily aimed at control and prevention. The platform can be incorporated as a supporting tool aimed at the improvement of public safety through the monitoring and detection of mobile devices in open public areas or areas with specific closing times, helping to ensure safe access to these spaces.

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