Digital Assistants

Artificial Intelligence
to Serve the Business

Digital transformation joined with the current needs of consumers, the way they interact in multiple channels with devices and the Internet of Things, has accelerated the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in companies.

We have the experience and in-depth knowledge in the development and implementation of digital assistants in different technologies and complexities.

From the least complex, such as those that offer users information in an agile, quick and concise way on the most frequently asked questions, to those that incorporate NLU natural language understanding and NLP processing to understand normal conversations, both spoken and written, understanding the intention and the precise context indicated by the user, with automatic learning (Machine Learning and Deep Learning), to carry out the action demanded by the user in a totally autonomous way.   

We help our clients choose the most suitable technology for their needs within their business plan, to improve the user experience and offer them a personalised service.

Image of a phone with an image with the text of artificial intelligence
Example of a conversation with the digital assistant


Key Features

Digitalisation and Innovation

Digital transformation has brought new habits and customs to the digital customer, multi-channel and multi-device. Our digital assistants allow companies to innovate, providing customer service in the  most suitable context for the user, who can perform an operation in one channel and device, while finishing  it in a different one.

Added Value

Integrating digital assistants into the company means, both for internal processes and customer service, a differential value and a competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.


The autonomy of digital assistants translates into clear efficiency in customer service, with it being able of taking on a very high percentage of the queries. This allows agents and operators to provide higher quality, specialised service, focusing on what creates value.


Channels are no longer an obstacle, our digital assistants transform the way the company communicates with its customers, who are handled in a similar way across all channels, providing them with a comprehensive, safe and satisfactory experience.

Customer Experience

The understanding and processing of natural language enable fluent conversations with users in multiple languages, in a much more agile, fast and effective way, without having to make a call that could cause delays in the handling of customers, through a conventional customer service channel.

service channel.

Personalised Attention

Digital assistants provide 24/7 autonomous customer service, allowing users to contact us at any given time according to their needs, enriching customer care with the possibility of transferring the conversation to an agent who understands the full context of the conversation through the same channel chosen by the customer.

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