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The digital transformation, coupled with the social and health crisis suffered, has accelerated the digitization of both companies and institutions to adapt their information systems and deploy solutions that enable people to work remotely, and has pushed them into adopting cloud solutions. That alone requires an increase in cybersecurity.

Companies and organizations have to improve their security measures due to the increasing security vulnerabilities in the new scenario, where devices both personal and owned by the company coexist for work-related purposes, therefore increasing risk of cyber-attacks on their information systems.

Cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar, one of the main challenges the digital era poses, and is key to protecting the assets of the organization and minimize the risk of cyberattacks in the workplace, be it in a domestic, educational or business environment, regardless of the sector it’s related to, it’s location or size of the company.

Implementing training and awareness programs on the importance of internal security policies, as well as taking appropriate technical and organizational measures, is critical today.


Network Security

A Firewall, establishing a secure and encrypted connection between the office and the employee through a VPN, and incorporating methods of preventing and detecting intrusions, among other security measures, are key for the organizations.



The location where the user performs their daily duties, both within company premises or while working remotely, devices in relation to information security, especially personal devices (BYOD), secure email.


Data Security

Keeping software always updated, enforcing zero trust policies, applying Web SSO, establishing profiles and permissions, having a backup policy and geographic replication in case of possible disasters and cyber-attacks, among others.


Physical Security

Employee access control, time control and recording, as well as video surveillance are systems and applications that need to be incorporated into the comprehensive vision of threats and cybersecurity of organizations.

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